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All powers are within you, you can do anything and everything.

– Swami Vivekananda

Why Invest in the Stock Market

 Intelligent enterprising businessmen along with their team toil hard day and night to multiply their money, whereas we as investors can benefit equally like them by investing money in their businesses doing absolutely nothing!

Free Training

At Stoxzen our mission statement is to inspire common people to do great things in life. To achieve this we have to reach out to maximum number of people and money should not be the constraint to gain access to the world class knowledge. Therefore we have made most of our services free of cost, so anybody can have access to the best training curriculum and master the stock market nuances.We conduct classroom training for beginner for free. Every Saturday there is a free class of 2 hour duration. Topics range from Trading platform demo, technical analysis to algo trading. For registration you can contact – 9090042020

For those who are very serious to learn trading and want to devote considerable time and effort we have a structured and paid program of two weeks duration which will cover almost everything about trading and will focus on learning short term trading to make money from the market consistently.

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Success Stories

Whenever you tell someone this is good, you must give it a try, they will ask you to give me proof or show me some examples. So let’s discuss some success stories of Indian stock market. There are several people who have made their fortune here. Among the prominent ones are Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani, Vijay Kedia, Chandrakant Sampat, Ramdeo Agrawal, Nemish Shah, and Dolly Khanna and so on. Search google you will be flooded with a great deal of such examples. Every day you will find someone making it big in Dalal Street. For several such examples you can read these links.

Few Success Stories

Stock Traders Success Stories

Sunil Singhania: The CA whose focus is on mastering the art of generating alpha on Dalal Street

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Stock Traders Success Stories

Jyoti Budhia: on her trading strategies and what it takes to become a professional trader

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Stock Traders Success Stories

Sovit Manjani: An accountant's journey to becoming a systems trader

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An ounce of action is better than tons of preaching.

We can think we can talk and we can even plan but until unless we take some real action it is of no use. So let us get started here and now. Register for our forthcoming free training program here.

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